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What is the value of a Creative Developer to the community?

Atualizado: 27 de Ago de 2020

Among so many professionals with many degrees and a lot of technical knowledge, creative developers stand out. They are not geniuses because they are considered different, but they have an incredible facility to build new tools and products that truly change people's lives.

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The 'Maker' culture as it is also known is influenced by major innovation centers such as Silicon Valley, in the United States and Hangzhou in China, one of the largest innovation centers in Artificial Intelligence and robotics on the planet.

Chinese Silicon Valley is the term applied to some urban areas in China where there are a large number of characteristics identical to those in the California region known as Silicon Valley, famous for the high concentration of high-tech companies and universities that foster research and development. Entrepreneurship of innovative ideas. These areas are commonly seen as reproductions of the original North American initiative. Among the characteristics presented by these innovation centers inspired by the American Silicon Valley, the following stand out:

  • Large concentration of highly specialized and well-trained human capital to perform roles ranging from the conception and design of solutions to their implementation and conduct in the form of entrepreneurial businesses;

  • Existence of high-tech companies with emphasis on startups;

  • Attractiveness for investments of various types, including venture capital;

  • Presence of teaching centers (Universities and Technological Institutes) that train professionals and seek to intertwine research with industry.

A Creative Developer is Silicon Valley

The two regions in China that are gaining more and more visibility as they increasingly develop aspects related to the generation of innovative ideas and enterprises related to these innovations in the technological field are the city of Wuhan and the Zhongguancun region. The latter is even within the Beijing metropolitan area.

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The internet is the latest high-impact innovation since the 1990s. A network that brings together thousands of computers, cell phones, television sets, video games, among others ... In the 21st century, with a capitalist society, however, globalized, connected Through the Internet. Perhaps this was the coldest and most succinct definition to describe who we are, but I like to think that we are infinitely more than that. We are creators of our own day, of our own era. And although connected, shared and, in a way, accessible at all times, we are still individuals and we think on our own. Each chooses to vote for a political party flag or for the ideas of a political agent, to believe in a God or a religion, to listen to rap, funk or samba roots.

In any place or situation you can access the internet to search for any information. However, this is not the most intriguing, but the speed with which information circulates in the online universe. Thanks to the web design tools that allow publishing in seconds, the internet has revolutionized the way we all work - no matter the field. Online journalism covers reporting in near real time, while on news there is a delay of minutes, or even hours, and in the printed newspaper it can take a day or more. In addition to saving time (and money), digital information also has the advantage of being able to be updated at any time.

Knowing this, we increasingly use the internet in our insatiable search for knowledge. Of course, just like in newspapers, magazines and radio and television stations, on the internet, you have to be careful and know how to select the type of content between the good and the bad. Therefore, the Internet should not be considered as a villain of other media; Quite the contrary, it must be better explored and used by each one of them. For us, information consumers, attention and vigor remain when valuing our integrity when accepting an opinion. For us opinion makers, attention is paid to ethics and responsibility when publishing any and all information.

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Leaders who define

Known as the 'shirt 10' of a team, Creative Developers are extremely skilled professionals who make things happen in an assertive and satisfying way. This type of specialist is increasingly rare on the market and is currently found all over the planet. Creative Developers have the following characteristics:

  • Authentic - is a genuine and genuine person. Someone real, without falsity and who does not try to copy the others.

  • Coherent - is responsible for establishing the logical connection between ideas, so that together they ensure that the text makes sense.

  • Trustworthy - he is an honest, sincere person. It always says what it can prove and offers security when making decisions.

  • Dedicated - is able to surrender to the achievement of a goal. A person with a deep affection for making things happen.

  • Disciplined - is the ability to adhere to actions, thoughts and behaviors that result in personal growth. It performs tasks routinely, in the same way several times without compromising quality.

  • Fair - one who judges both sides, good or bad and chooses the right even if it ends up hurting someone, because he knows that doing the right thing is always the best choice.

  • Stubborn - is one that is able to respond to stress and daily pressures with flexibility, skill and serenity. It is being able to follow your journey without losing control, even when everything seems to go wrong.

  • Revolutionary - is a person who participates or defends a noble cause. It refers to something that has a sudden impact on society or some aspect of human endeavor.

  • Solidarity - is one that helps the other, with good intentions and generosity. In a legitimate way, without any kind of discrimination. In other words, he has compassion and a concrete understanding of the feelings of others and a genuine purpose in contributing, without expecting anything in return.

  • Surprising - is the person who causes a lot of astonishment for his attitudes; That causes rapture or admiration from others. They are exceptional in what they do.

  • Organized - it means being able to plan your day well, dedicating more time enough for each task to be performed, in addition to avoiding the waste of time looking for objects, emails or documents that can be lost in the middle of disorganization.

  • Versatile - it is one that finds it easy to accommodate or adapt in the face of new circumstances. Versatile is also something that has good agility, that moves very easily.

Creativity is directly linked to innovations. It is through it that a new project is elaborated, new ideas for problem solving are developed, other strategies are thought about and original actions are taken, as no one had ever thought of doing before. However, being a creative developer goes far beyond just having innovative thoughts. The exponential growth of recent technologies has revolutionized society in recent decades and promises to change the world even more in the coming years. All of these digital transformations have given rise to new social and global challenges, forcing leaders to deconstruct old patterns and think of increasingly bold solutions.

Faced with a hyperconnected population, creative leadership promotes progressive thinking and has the ability to develop innovative ideas in a cooperative environment, where the exchange of experiences and opinions is part of the company's growth and success.

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Leadership quality

Creativity and innovation are the most relevant skills a leader should pursue in the 21st century. According to The Economist's Global Talent Index Report, lack of creativity is seen as the most serious failure in current hires. Likewise, this characteristic is one of the most important leadership qualities, according to a study that IBM conducted with 1500 CEOs.

Creative leadership is a strong agent of change. It's not just about having crazy ideas, it's about thinking about how to put them into practice and not being afraid to take chances. Having this innovative mindset is knowing how to advance the future and bet on change, when many people do not even believe in it, showing people that something that appears to be impossible may indeed be possible.

When you change people's perception of what can be accomplished or achieved, you end up contributing to humanity in the richest possible way. And this is how great innovations happen.

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Creative leadership is taking risks

People and businesses are changing on all sides, and all the time. As quickly as possible, without your realizing it, the market can change from one moment to the next, and a creative leader must be prepared to face these challenges.

For this reason, its importance comes precisely from people who have a strong perception regarding the innovations that the future brings and are open and willing to prepare their team so that these transformations happen within the company.

A creative developer has some essential characteristics that are the key to the exponential growth of your business. They are leaders focused on people. They empathize, take the human side of their team into consideration, know how to listen to their ideas and try to understand the point of view of those who disagree with them.

In addition, they accept controlled risks, understand that often for innovation to happen, disruptive change is required. With successive tests and errors, the creative developer and his team learn to get it right!

In short, it can be said that a creative developer today is the best prepared to face all that digital revolutions are holding in store for the future, which is why most companies are betting on this type of leadership.

Whoever is not willing to learn to respect people, their forms of leadership will lose space in the competitive market.

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