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Atualizado: 3 de abr. de 2023

Every entrepreneur knows when the company reaches a new level. That's why we are Sisgama Brazil. In order to attract capital for new business opportunities, in 2017 we developed a new website called Startup Investment Service with Gamification Applied to Improved Management in Brazil and for almost two years, Uniccorp Brasil ventures to tackle the challenges of this market promising.

In July 2017, the CVM approved one of the best crowdfunding regulations in the world, which tripled the demand for entrepreneurs for the online fundraising service. With new regulation and an expanding global market, five countries raised US $ 5.8 billion via investment crowdfunding and also, seeking to attract large companies from the national market.

Whether as a founder, investor or enthusiast, we believe that everyone can contribute to the creation of new and disruptive businesses, capable of improving the lives of scientific communities in Brazil.

Network empowerment

Entrepreneurs and investors can expect more networking and education events and changes to their profiles on the platform, with greater emphasis on their experiences, investments and connections.

For the startups in our portfolio, the investment will only be the beginning of our joint journey: we have a master of ceremonies dedicated to adding value to the investees and sharing their success stories.

We believe that capturing with those who believe in you strengthens the brand and allows the round to become a mobilization for change, uniting people who share the same values and goals - business success.

Investor relations and governance

After approval of CVM Instruction 588, we are developing a new investment structure via crowdfunding: with only one point of contact between the company and investors, but without the need for prior structuring of an investment vehicle.

In addition, once fundraising is completed, we organize the cap table of investees and offer contracts and securities management services.


We will provide crowdfunding-as-a-service to companies and partners that work with specific segments and want to attract investment with their communities.

Long-term vision

Our commitment to the future is to build a safe investment environment, empowered by people and inspiring causes for asset growth.

More than becoming a unicorn, we dream of driving long-term changes. To be a company that is always innovating and finding the best paths for the development of Brazil.

Every day we discover new technologies and tools that help us in our purpose. The market is evolving fast, and we want to evolve together. It is in our DNA the values ​​of experimenting, using the main trends that incorporate changes quickly.

The new fundraising and investment management products are just the beginning. Participate in the change with Sisgama, day after day.

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